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Predictive acquisitions technology to help commercial real estate teams with new market entry, deal sourcing and underwriting.

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Three problems we help solve

Archer is a real estate technology firm that helps investors with market research, deal sourcing and underwriting.

Where should I invest?

Find out which markets are right for your strategy. You can visualize where you should invest and compare sub-markets with our platform.   


Which deals should I focus on?

When you explore the deal pipeline with our platform, you'll only see deals that fit your unique profile. You'll  never waste your time with marketed or off-market deals that aren't right for you. 


What's the right price to pay?

With Archer's Accelerated Underwriting, Auto Comps and Benchmarking tools, your can analyze a deal with confidence. Underwriting a deal is only one click away!

Our tech will supercharge your acquisitions process

Working with Archer saves you time, allowing you to scale without adding headcount.

Develop your strategy and build the deal pipeline in a fraction of the time

Dial in your strategy, research the market, and view the deal pipeline in hours, not weeks.

Underwrite deals in minutes

One you've decided which deals to focus on them, you can get a full underwriting in minutes.

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How Archer delivers better outcomes

Archer's predictive acquisitions software leverages data and AI to to help investors do more.
Submarket comparison

Market research: Find the best new markets to enter

Our location recommendation engine can help you determine the best new markets to enter for your strategy.  Using hundreds of filters, you can dial in the criteria most important to you, and rank different markets against one another.

Learn about Archer's tech platform

Deal Sourcing: Unlock off-market opportunities and view customized deal rankings

Our software has intelligence on millions of properties nationwide. You can view potential off-market deals and on-market deals that match your strategy, and drill into those properties for more details.

Learn about Archer's tech platform

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Accelerated Underwriting: Determine pricing with the push of a button

Archer's Accelerated Underwriting lets you bid quicker and with more confidence—just type in an address and receive an underwriting in minutes. Our software predicts operating costs and automatically sorts through thousands of comparable properties to select only the best matches for benchmarking.

Find your markets

Archer's platform lets you compare and enter new markets with confidence. Here are a few markets our clients are active in.

San Antonio, TX | Multifamily

Demand Drivers: Job growth + population inflows


Raleigh, NC | Multifamily

Demand Drivers: Tech boom + livability


Denver, CO | Multifamily

Demand Drivers: Work from home

Thomas Foley, Archer CEO

Thomas Foley

CEO, Archer

“Everyone is looking for an edge -- tools that let them move faster and make smarter decisions. Data-driven deal sourcing and accelerated underwriting allow our clients to have an unfair advantage against their peers."

Start investing smart

Archer works with:

  • Real Estate Investment Companies 
  • Operators, Developers and Fund Managers
  • Brokers
  • Lenders
  • Institutional Investors, such as Endowments, Foundations and Pension Funds
  • Family Offices
  • RIAs and Wealth Managers

Improve the way you invest in real estate

Find more deals in less time

Start building your portfolio


sales records analyzed


times faster underwriting


property-level cash flows tracked

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