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Leverage AI-Powered
Deal Analysis

Evaluate more deals and in way less time with Archer.


From address to complete underwriting
in just 15 minutes

Accurate and comprehensive underwriting and parsing in minutes, not hours


Automate repetitive analysis

Stop spending hours evaluating every deal.

  • Get started with just an address
  • Immediately access an analysis of sales, financial and rent comps
  • Extract and map your rent roll or T-12  in seconds using ML
Know where to focus
Know where to focus

Know where to focus

Never second guess where to spend your time again.

  • Screen properties in seconds to know where to prioritize
  • Use our model for off-market acquisitions or prospecting
  • Spend time closing deals, not evaluating them
Keep your data in one place

Keep your data in one place

Stop digging for comps that live all over the place.

  • Archer’s model aggregates 150,000+ rent and financial comps
  • Any rent roll or T12 you analyze becomes a comp for future analysis
  • Make it easy for your team to access past work and not repeat the same tasks over and over
Keep your data in one place
Make it your own
Make it your own

Make it your own

Don’t give up your special sauce.

  • Integrate your own model with our proprietary analytics
  • Utilize your current workflow with our easy-to-use Excel integration
  • Customize Archer’s API for an even deeper integration

How it works


Search for an address


Utilize our model or integrate your own


Upload your own T-12


Get a full underwrite in 15 minutes


Move on to bigger & better tasks

Alex Chapey, Director of Acquisitions, Matheson Capital
"Investors have been pleasantly surprised when we started sharing our Archer underwritings. We’ve gotten feedback that the model is intuitive, and that their acquisitions teams can easily get into the model and make any adjustments to our assumptions they feel they need to make to get to an investment decision with relative ease."
—Alex Chapey, Director of Acquisitions, Matheson Capital

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