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The Archer Story

We are on a mission to empower CRE professionals with the most
automated, integrated, and insightful investment analysis platform to
make faster decisions in a rapidly evolving market.


A market gap led to a big idea

Years ago, while working at another company, our CEO Thomas Foley had an idea. During his tenure innovating within the financial technology space, he participated in massive shifts of legacy industries going digital. However, after several years of making alternative assets more accessible to investors, he noticed a big gap in Real Estate as an investment class. Despite being desirable for investors, the industry had a distinct lack of technology. 


The need for data and technology in RE became clear

Thomas decided to spend several years at large RE investment firms to confirm his hypothesis. RE investing was largely manual, and many investors were left in the dark or spending hours on manual tasks instead of finding new deals. He saw inefficiencies and inadequate tooling every single day while interacting with real estate investors, lenders, and brokers.


Meanwhile, investment strategy in a different industry inspired the future

As Thomas navigated the fintech and real estate world, future Archer co-founder, COO, and CFO Fred Canney spent 13+ years building various investor relations, finance, FPA, and business development programs in the gold mining industry, where he saw similar technology and data gaps as you see in real estate investing today. His extensive background in managing investment strategy for mining clients helped shape Archer’s future vision.


Archer was born

Fred and Thomas met at Wharton business school, and realized that their combined backgrounds could make their vision of transforming real estate investing come to life. They iterated on the business together, taking it through Wharton’s incubator, Wharton VIP, and started the company together in 2019.


Transforming real estate investing

What if you could…

  • Evaluate every deal without time or bandwidth constraints?
  • Know with certainty if an investment was a good decision?
  • Stop spending 95% of your time on busy work?
  • Go from address to underwrite in minutes?
  • Connect all of your tools in one place?
  • Replace your data subscriptions?
  • Stop redundant data entry?

This is your reality with Archer.

We are on a mission to help investment firms like yours to analyze and close more deals than ever before, even in an ever changing market. 

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