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Maximize returns by Automating CRE

Evaluate and execute more deals in less time


Close more deals
without adding more resources

Deal Sourcing, Underwriting, Market Analysis, and Pipeline Management - all in one place


From address to complete underwriting in 15 minutes

Accurate and comprehensive underwriting and parsing in minutes, not hours

Underwriting & Parsing

Get your data all in
one place

Help your team work faster by capturing all key parsing, underwriting, and deal details in one place

Deal Pipeline

Integrate with your
workflows and model

Integrate your models into Archer with our easy-to-use Excel integration or API

Data Cloud

Helping great customers do amazing things...

Alex Chapey, Director of Acquisitions, Matheson Capital
"Investors have been pleasantly surprised when we started sharing our Archer underwritings. We’ve gotten feedback that the model is intuitive, and that their acquisitions teams can easily get into the model and make any adjustments to our assumptions they feel they need to make to get to an investment decision with relative ease."
—Alex Chapey, Director of Acquisitions, Matheson Capital

Close more deals with Archer

See how Archer can help your team accelerate your entire CRE process.