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Just How Much Have Rising Interest Rates Negatively Impacted Real Estate Values?

Archer’s Automated Underwriting explores multifamily value adjustments over time as rates have increased.

Inflation and...

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How Underwriting Technology Leads to Lightning-Quick Deal Flow

There are only so many hours in the day. And there are only so many analysts available to evaluate potential...

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Find the best markets for your investment strategy

While no real estate market is perfect, some are much better than others—for you. It’s all about your strategy, your...

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What you miss with back-of-the-envelope calculations

You can’t underwrite every potential deal yourself. The very notion—spending hours evaluating each possibility—is...

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Speed to decisions matters most for winning deals

How investors can utilize technology to compete head-to-head with mega funds

The typical commercial real estate...

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Aggregation + Curation: How CRE can crawl out of the digital past and into its future

tl;dr: Aggregation is only half the battle. Archer aggregates deals from everywhere—on and off-market—and then curates...
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Get the Best Deal and Best Execution When Selling Off-Market

New tools give investors and brokers better options

Selling commercial real estate off-market used to mean relying on...

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Get your slice of the off-market pie

Over the past 3 years, almost 1 out of every 2 multifamily acquisitions was done off market. There is more competition...

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PRESS RELEASE: Archer 2021 Year in Review

Archer Celebrates Year of Record Growth

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How to Find Owners Willing to Sell Off-Market

There’s a reason so many real estate investors today are seeking off-market deals: it’s difficult to beat out dozens of...

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