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SVN | BlackStream

Helping a client grow quickly by increasing the number of proposals they were able to get out per week.

"The best thing about this whole process has been the amazing engagement of the Archer team." 
—Lars Gruenefeld, Chief Operating Officer of SVN | Blackstream

Customer Overview

SVN | BlackStream provides commercial real estate services to a variety of groups in North and South Caronia, including property owners, investors and national investment funds. Considered one of the fastest growing CRE firms in the Upstate, BlackStream affiliated with SVN in 2014. SVN | BlackStream now works with over 50 Advisors and operates franchises in Greenville, Columbia, Charlotte and Charleston.


SVN | BlackStream runs a lean team but wants to grow clients and deal flow quickly, including more clients overall and more deals per client. They were limited by the number of proposals they were able to get out per week.

Also, prior to working with Archer, they did not have an easy way to identify which deals were likely to enter the disposition window soon. They were looking for a way to get ahead of the competition and begin conversations with owners prior to other firms. To do so, they need to be able to evaluate a property faster than ever before.

Another challenge faced by the team is the intense competition they face to win a deal. To make matters more difficult, some brokers are providing unrealistically high pricing estimates in an effort to beat the competition.

Finally, finding comprehensive, actionable real estate data at a reasonable price is another challenge the team faces. Prior to working with Archer, the team faced a cumbersome process to find and aggregate data that indicates which properties are likely to sell in the future.


The SVN | BlackStream team first began working with Archer as a part of Archer’s relationship with SVN. Always looking for ways to embrace data and tech to operate more efficiently, the team was eager to engage with Archer as soon as they were able. After providing Archer with several addresses to underwrite, SVN | BlackStream worked with Archer’s acquisition specialist to fully understand the model and how they could best utilize it for prospecting and analysis.

After two hours of in-depth training, SVN | BlackStream was able hit the ground running and take full advantage of Archer’s suite of acquisition’s tools.

According to Lars Gruenefeld, Chief Operating Officer of SVN | Blackstream, “The best thing about this whole process has been just amazing engagement of the Archer team. The hands-on approach they’ve taken with us has just been huge.” Because of Archer’s approach, onboarding the SVN | Blackstream team has been a quick and efficient process.

Client Results

6x Proposals


3x New Opportunities


8 Hours

time saved per analysis

Benefits with Archer

Accelerated Underwriting

Accelerated Underwriting

Automated data collection and analysis streamlined the underwriting process, allowing SVN | BlackStream to assess properties at a rate 10x faster than their previous approach.

Enhanced Prospecting

Enhanced Prospecting

The Archer platform's deal sourcing features enabled SVN | BlackStream to identify potential sellers more efficiently and proactively engage them with data-backed insights.

Competitive Advantage

Competitive Advantage

Archer's comprehensive real estate data and analytics equipped the team with reliable market insights, enabling them to provide accurate valuations and outshine competitors who relied on inflated pricing estimates.


Increased Deal Flow

Increased Deal Flow

Within just two weeks of using Archer, SVN | BlackStream identified and underwrote 30 new deals – a number that would have taken them months using their previous methods.
Higher Client Acquisition Rate

Higher Client Acquisition Rate

By proactively approaching potential sellers with data-driven insights, SVN | BlackStream was able to convert more leads into paying clients, directly contributing to their revenue growth.
Content Improved Team Efficiency

Content Improved Team Efficiency

The time saved through automation allowed SVN | BlackStream's lean team to focus on high-value activities like client relationships and closing deals, further boosting their overall performance.

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