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Harness Archer Data Cloud to Turn Your Excel Models into Your Data Moat

The flexibility of Excel. The power of Archer.

Your CRE firm excels at analysis, but your valuable data is slipping through your fingers. Most firms aren't getting consistently better or smarter, they are redoing the same work over and over again.


  • Disconnected: Data, analysis, and results sit scattered in files, inaccessible across the enterprise.
  • Unstructured: Data lacks the structure needed for quick insights and comparisons.
  • Siloed: Data remains disconnected from other systems, hindering a holistic view.

Data Cloud - Quote

Introducing the Archer Data Cloud: Harness the Power of Your Deal Data

What if every deal analysis became a building block for smarter, faster future decisions?


The Archer Data Cloud, paired with our innovative Archer Connector Excel add-in, achieves just that.

Data Cloud - Archer Workflow

An overview of how key Parsing and Underwriting Data flows from client's models into their secure Archer Data Cloud to power additional analysis and insights.

The Archer Advantage: Seamless Data Capture and Insights

The Archer Connector integrates directly into your existing Excel workflows:

  1. Effortless Installation: Find Archer in the Microsoft App Store within Excel.
  2. Custom Configuration: Our team helps you tailor Connector tabs to your model's key inputs and outputs.
  3. Automated Capture: As you analyze deals, the Connector passively structures and sends essential data to your secure Archer Data Cloud.
  4. Powerful Analysis: Effortlessly search and create custom comps, track deal-level metrics, and gain actionable insights, all within the Archer platform.

Data Cloud - Excel Connector Tab

The Archer Connector is simple to install in your Excel Model

Benefits of the Archer Data Cloud

  • Institutional Memory: Create a continuously growing repository of deal data.
  • Faster Analysis: Leverage past deals and comps for lightning-fast comparisons.
  • Better Decisions: Make data-backed choices on investments.
  • Time Savings: Eliminate repetitive data entry and focus on high-impact work.

Data Cloud - Underwriting Stats

Every Document you Parse and Every Deal you Analyze gets saved and stored in your Archer Data Cloud for future insights.

Start Unlocking Your Data Now - Access the Trial through the Waitlist

Archer is offering free customized setup and trial access for a set of interested groups. Reach out to be added to our Beta Waitlist.

Unlock the power of your real estate data! Archer is offering Beta access to a limited set of early movers that join the waitlist:

  • Free customized setup of the Archer Connector into your existing Excel model. [$2.5 value]
  • Special access trial of the Archer Data Cloud to experience the value and impact firsthand. [$10k value]
  • + months free Data Cloud access for every referred client signed up within the special offer window.

Don't miss this opportunity to streamline your analysis and gain a competitive edge!

Schedule a Demo to learn more.


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