Archer Celebrates National Intern Day

Posted Jul 29, 2021 11:05:36 AM

It’s National Intern Day, and here at Archer, we're celebrating our awesome intern, Dhruv Dalmia! 

Dhruv didn't wait until college to start interning. As an incoming senior at Bellarmine College Preparatory High School in San Jose, Calif., Dhruv's internship with Archer gives him a head start.

Since we're so proud of Dhruv and his contributions to Archer, we wanted to share some facts about him:

  • Dhruv's hometown is San Jose, right in the middle of Silicon Valley
  • Dhruv hopes to major in business when he goes to college
  • Dhruv would like a career in business or law, or possibly both
  • Dhruv wanted to intern with Archer because it was a new startup in real estate. "I wanted to gain valuable experience in the operations of a newly formed company like this one while also getting key experience with business topics."
  • Dhruv leads his school's investment club, and he loves the idea of helping investors invest in real estate because encouraging investing is his goal too.
  • Dhruv hopes to learn more about the commercial real estate industry during his internship
  • Dhruv is heavily involved in Archer's data aggregation efforts
  • Dhruv says Archer's 4th value, "Have the Heart of an Innovator", resonates with him the most because "it's all about changing the way things are usually done rather than being content with the norm."
  • Dhruv enjoys playing and listening to music and playing video games
  • Dhruv admire his mom for running her own business successfully without ever forgetting the reason she does it.
  • Dhruv describes himself as loyal, dependable, and friendly
  • Dhruv prizes loyalty, honesty, and commitment

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