Fed Up with Your CRE CrapTech? Archer Will Buy Out Your Contract

Posted Apr 26, 2024 5:35:00 PM


If your current CRE software is holding you back, don't settle. Archer is so confident in our platform that we'll consider buying out your existing contracts with competing providers. Upgrade your tech, accelerate your workflow, and boost your bottom line.

You do not have to live with bad Parsing & Underwriting Software

Locked in a frustrating contract with software that fails to deliver ROI or simply no longer fits your needs? You might not be aware, but there's a way out.

Archer is making a bold move: We're offering to buy out your current contracts with competing providers across a range of CRE tech categories when you join Archer (Parsing, Underwriting, Market Analysis, Deal Sourcing, Deal Pipeline Management.

Our confidence in this initiative stems from our track record of winning head-to-head deals, proving that our platform consistently outperforms the competition.

Why Offer Buyouts? Your Options May Be Limited

Most software companies aren't eager to free you from long-term contracts. This leaves you feeling stuck, impacting both your bottom line and your team's productivity. Instead of settling for mediocre tools, a contract buyout can open the door to a tech stack that truly accelerates your business.

The Contract Buyout Advantage

By switching to a better solution, you can:

  • Upgrade your tech stack today: Migrate to powerful, intuitive software that finally lives up to expectations.
  • Accelerate workflows: Eliminate time-consuming workarounds and data silos that plague underperforming tools.
  • Unlock innovation: Access cutting-edge features and functionality unavailable from your old provider.
  • Boost team morale: Modern, easy-to-use tools lead to happier and more productive teams.

Archer's Contract Buyout Program

At Archer, we believe you shouldn't be held hostage by software that doesn't deliver. Here's why we stand out:

  • Competitive Contract Buyouts: We'll consider buying out your existing contracts across a wide range of CRE software categories, including parsing, underwriting, market analysis, deal sourcing, deal pipeline management.
  • Seamless Transition: Our team ensures a smooth migration to the Archer platform.
  • Unleash Your Potential: Experience the power of our all-in-one CRE analysis platform designed to supercharge your workflow.

Call to Action

Ready to break free from outdated software and accelerate your growth? Contact Fred, Danny, Lucy, or drop a note here on the Archer team to discuss a potential contract buyout.

Let us help you ditch the dead weight and upgrade to a tech stack that propels your business forward.


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