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If CRE Market Performance Determined the World Series...

If the winner of the 2021 World Series were determined by the team hailing from the city with the strongest CRE fundamentals, the Atlanta Braves would take series this year.

As you can see by our infographic detailing market performance, ATL beats the (baseball) pants off Houston.

World Series resize


All in all, 2021 has been a pretty good year for Atlanta’s real estate market, as well as its sports teams and fans. Earlier this year, the Atlanta Hawks made it to the NBA finals. And again, if the winner had been based on real estate fundamentals, the Hawks would’ve walked away with the Larry O’Brien NBA Championship Trophy. See our NBA Championship infographic here.

If you’re curious why Atlanta is such a hot market for commercial and multifamily real estate, Archer highlighted the market during National Peach Month. You can read it here.


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