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Get your slice of the off-market pie

Over the past 3 years, almost 1 out of every 2 multifamily acquisitions was done off market. There is more competition and dry powder than ever before, and the smartest real estate investors are finding new ways to enhance their acquisitions efforts and source more deals.

It doesn’t matter if the deals are big or small, in gateways or secondary markets: a substantial portion of transactions are happening off-market (as you can see this in the chart below). Are you missing out?


Archer is creating a better way to transact

Our goal is to help our clients find and close on more off-market multifamily deals. To that end, we built software that lets you and your team source and manage your deal-flow more effectively. With Archer, you’ll have more opportunities to deploy capital in assets that match your strategy.

As a client you get:

  • Deals you can’t find anywhere else 
  • Customized deal rankings and automated underwriting 
  • Only properties where intent to sell is verified
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