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PRESS RELEASE: iREITs Announces Name Change to Archer

Thomas Foley and Fred Canney

iREITs Announces Name Change to Archer. New moniker represents company’s targeted real estate strategy.

SAN FRANCISCO, JUNE 10, 2021 - iREITs, a data-driven real estate investment firm, has changed its name to Archer. The new name reflects the firm’s approach to targeted real estate investing and emphasizes its expertise, precision, and speed to market.

“The value proposition that resonates with real estate investors today is targeted exposure to specific markets and property types, coupled with speed to market,” says Thomas Foley, co-founder and CEO of Archer. “As we explored different ways to convey that value proposition, we eventually landed on the idea of an archer aiming at multiple targets and hitting them with precision and speed.”

The Archer name aligns with the firm’s near-term and long-term vision, Foley explains. In the near-term, Archer is focused on building its proprietary technology platform, Actionable Insights Model (AIM), and working with investors to enhance their in-house acquisition teams and source deals. Developed by Archer’s innovative data science team, AIM turns messy, disorganized data into actionable market intelligence.

Archer’s long-term vision is to invest in commercial real estate, either through co-investment opportunities or custom separate accounts. The firm plans to build several investment portfolios that target specific cities and property types, e.g. Salt Lake City industrial or San Antonio multifamily.

“Historically, precise targeting in real estate investing has been an elusive concept,” says Fred Canney, Archer co-founder and CFO/COO. “It’s been nearly impossible for investors to gain exposure to a specific market and a specific product type in a very short time. Archer’s long-term goal is to make that impossibility a reality.”

About Archer

Archer is a real estate investment firm that helps investors build their ideal portfolios. By targeting specific cities and properties, Archer is refining the way investors enter new markets and expand into new property types. The firm has developed a transformative technology tool, Actionable Insights Model (AIM), that merges data from trusted sources and insights from local market experts. Guided by AIM, Archer identifies the most strategic assets, allowing investors to reduce the risk associated with market entry. Learn more at



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